• Achieve accurate end-to-end network planning powered by Esri’s ArcGIS Platform geospatial data

  • Avoid costly errors in network rollout by visualizing network plans.

  • Coupled with a robust Inventory Management to manage the life cycle of network resources, real-time GIS location analysis provides a “true” view of the network and the ability to build precise network models.


Fire Up Your IoT Engines With
Fibre Connectivity

Learn why fibre is essential to realising the potential of massive IoT and how 5G is critical for your business, because:

  • With 5G, a minimum connectivity of a million devices for the same coverage area can be achieved

  • New 5G networks are designed to support this truly ‘Massive IoT’ deployment and new applications

Download our Enghouse whitepaper “A Demand-Driven Perspective Helps Us Understand Why the Coming Wave of Massive IoT Will Need Fibre” to find out more.

Design and Engineer

  • Reduce complexity in design base plans modelling with GIS mapping, while ensuring interoperability with the established legacy architecture.

  • Model network inside and outside plant physical assets and connectivity, place and manage underground and aerial structures. 

  • Define broadband stand-to-strand and strand-to-device port connectivity, including the connection type at splices and hub sites. 

  • Enable bi-directional, end-to-end tracing of broadband, cable, wavelength, or channel along the entire length of the logically connected network.

  • Design NFV and SDN integrations, as well as logical functions, for effective network operational processes.


Network Rollout

  • Manage a comprehensive inventory of sites and locations associated with physical and logical network inventory including site life cycle management, towers, power generation, climate control.

  • Gain access to information about tenants, contracts, health and safety, and access procedures for sites. 

  • Reduce network roll out errors by providing accurate GIS maps and system generated bill of materials.

  • Roll out new network capabilities in a timely manner through self-configuration, ensuring a zero-fault buildout.


Operate and Maintain

  • Monitor and identify network abnormalities in real-time.

  • Locate specific cause of service outages with multi-vendor, multi-domain root cause analysis.

  • Implement network key performance indicators such as network utilization levels, CPU spikes, memory leaks and response times to predict network degradation and take corrective action in advance of critical network failure.


Enghouse Broadband Network Suite Overview

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